Rockingham County Sheriff’s Deputies Exposed to Fentanyl

Two deputies were exposed recently to the deadly narcotic fentanyl while conducting a motor vehicle stop for a suspected impaired driver. The stop occurred on December 4th on North Road in the vicinity of the Rockingham County Complex. During the stop, the deputies became aware that the operator was transporting … Continue reading

Secretary-Treasurer Jeffrey Padellaro visits Concord Prison for Men

On December 14, 2017, Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Padellaro visited the Concord Prison for Men along with Field Representative Keith Judge and Attorney Bill Cahill. Jeff stated he likes to visit the facility every 4 to 6 weeks to hear from the men and women who keep the facility under control 24/7 … Continue reading

Joyce Craig’s Historic Victory in Manchester Mayoral Race

Mayoral Candidate Joyce Craig was introduced to the membership Sunday, November 5, 2017, prior to the monthly membership meeting being called to order. The Teamsters represent several bargaining units employed by the City and the School District. Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro stated that he was impressed with Ms. Craig’s positive … Continue reading

Teamsters Local 633 UPS Grievance / Department of Labor Complaint Results in Award of $124,777.33, for Members!

Business Agent Kevin Foley represents 1,250 UPS members at nine different company locations in New Hampshire. A grievance arose out of the company’s decision to unilaterally deduct monies from the drivers’ paychecks for Saturday work, without the express written authorization of the members, in violation of the Contract and State … Continue reading

Hopkinton School District Grievance Results in $2100 Award

Field Representative Keith Judge represents the Hopkinton School District Custodians. A grievance arose out of the hiring of a custodian who had previously worked as a casual/substitute custodian for several years. Upon hiring the part-time custodian to a full- time regular position, the Superintendent placed the member in the wage … Continue reading


UPS Service to Puerto Rico Resumed with Special Discount on Selected Services for Individual Shippers Share   Shipping has resumed in most areas and will continue to expand as conditions allow. Humanitarian aid flights also continue. Special discount rates from U.S. to Puerto Rico and select Caribbean destinations for select … Continue reading


  Dan Chambers of UPS Nashua was recognized by UPS for 25 Years of Safe Driving. This honor is bestowed upon those drivers who have reached at least 25 years of commercial operation without incurring an avoidable accident. Business Agent Kevin Foley congratulated Dan on this milestone and wishes him … Continue reading