Patrolman First Class D.R. Wall

The Teamsters Local 633 would like to join Gilford Police Department in recognizing Patrolman First Class Douglas R. Wall. Officer Wall has served the Community of Gilford for 15 years. He has a long history of public service which, prior to serving in his current post, included working for the … Continue reading

UPS Wage Discrepancy Issues

Dear Brothers and Sisters: It has come to my attention that numerous employees have unwittingly gotten themselves into a situation where they owe the company money. This has resulted from members being mistakenly overpaid for the time worked. In some cases, this has amounted to thousands of dollars which can … Continue reading

Dave Laughton Supports the Manchester Principals and Assistant Principals

On, October 20, 2015, Secretary/Treasurer and Principal Officer Dave Laughton attended a meeting before the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen in support of our members. The Manchester Principals and Assistant Principals made a presentation concerning the resumption of the Joint Committee consisting of Aldermen, School Committee Members and representatives … Continue reading

New Hampshire Police

Police officers are those unique individuals who run toward danger when the rest of the population are running from the danger. Every day the men and women who don the uniform do so with the knowledge that they have to be ready for whatever may come their way. The Teamsters … Continue reading

Teamsters 633 Endorsed Candidates

Local 633, under the direction of Secretary-Treasurer David Laughton, is extremely active in local, state and national politics for the sole purpose of protecting the rights of labor. The Teamsters have been intimately involved in issues such as the Laurie Issue, Workers Compensation Legislation and Employment Security Legislation, to name … Continue reading

New Hampshire Public Sector

Teamsters Local 633 is proud to represent the men and women who serve the public every day. Our members are remarkable citizens who maintain the roadways, oversee water treatment facilities, answer 911 calls, provide essential services for our police departments, or work in our schools as custodians, directors, coordinators, principals … Continue reading

UPS Overview by Kevin P. Foley, Business Agent

We have over 1,000 Teamsters working at UPS & UPS Freight, UPS CSI in New Hampshire at 8 different company locations. Our Teamsters are UPS Package Car drivers, Feeder Drivers, Part Time Preloaders & Unloaders, Part Time Local Sorters, Clerks, and Gateway Airport employees. The Teamsters employed at UPS are responsible for moving packages swiftly … Continue reading

New Hampshire Corrections

The New Collective Bargaining Agreement has been ratified by the membership and the legislature in Concord. The printed version of the CBA will be delivered to the membership. The Teamsters’ Bargaining Committee, chaired by Business Agent Jeff Padellaro, was able to negotiate a contract with raises and to avoid the … Continue reading