Public Sector

roadworkersThe Teamsters are proud to represent many members who work in the public sector. Whether they are librarians, teachers, nurses or sanitation workers, the Teamsters recognize and support the contribution all public sector workers make to this great Country. These members often give more than required to make the government’s day to day operations work. Unfortunately, there are some politicians who fail to recognize the contributions these fine men and women make. It is often overlooked that local, state and federal political entities can take weeks off with no immediate impact on the day- to- day lives of the citizenry. However, the police support staff or the sanitation department does not have that luxury as their absence would be missed by the citizens and related agencies immediately.

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There are some that believe that Public Sector Unions are unnecessary or worse. For example, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels stated when asked about public sector unions, “I think really government works better without them. I really do.” Obviously he has not taken the time to read some of the outrageous behaviors some management has taken which has resulted in violations of collective bargaining agreements; state and federal laws, and if it were not for the Unions, the employee often feels isolated and overwhelmed and will simply quit. The Teamsters bring a sense of family. The proactive approach of the Teamsters in protecting worker’s rights sends a message to management. That message is that we are a nation of laws and procedures and if they fail to follow them then the Teamsters will defend the rights of their members without hesitation.

911The Teamsters are active in local, state and federal legislative processes. We monitor the voting records of the elected officials and we will not support a politician that does not stand up for the rights and benefits of working men and women, all of whom pay taxes, support their local communities and deserve the benefits they bargained for in good faith.

If you are a Teamster and have a question, do not hesitate to contact your steward or business agent. If you are not a Teamster and are employed and interested in what we can do for you, please contact our professional organizers who will be more than happy to meet with you and explain the process.

To all public sector workers, thank you for all your efforts in making our communities a better place.

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