Camp Allen

Smiles, waves, and COLD water made our annual trip a memorable occasion. Smiles abound as we were greeted by the campers as they off-loaded at Hampton Beach State Park. Many of those smiles turned to screams of excitement as we hit the chilly water of the Atlantic Ocean. The adventurous souls who were willing to venture further into the water were met with crashing waves that even came over the heads of those of us that were standing! Several of the campers took the challenge of the big surf and had a great time. Those who chose to stay on dry land enjoyed a day of fun, music and of course a barbecue lunch. The day flew by and we eventually had to pack up and return home. We’d like to thank everyone involved, volunteers, staff and campers, as it would not be the same without you. Until next year when we meet again have a wonderful time and keep those smiles coming. Pictures of our adventures can be seen on our Facebook page.

This year Camp Allen is Sunday, July 21, 2019 at Hampton Beach!

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