Rockingham County Sheriff’s Deputies Exposed to Fentanyl

Two deputies were exposed recently to the deadly narcotic fentanyl while conducting a motor vehicle stop for a suspected impaired driver. The stop occurred on December 4th on North Road in the vicinity of the Rockingham County Complex. During the stop, the deputies became aware that the operator was transporting the substance within a pill bottle. Upon opening the bottle to confirm the presence of the dangerous substance, the powder became airborne. The deputies secured the substance and arrested the operator; subsequently, the deputies were treated and released from the hospital as a precaution because of the potential exposure.

Unfortunately, the dangers arising out of motor vehicle stops and domestic violence calls continue to grow. These brave souls continue to perform their duties as professionals knowing they face serious injuries or worse, from passing vehicles, exposed contaminated needles, airborne narcotics, weapons or violent reactions by the suspect(s).    

Business Agent Rick Laughton reached out to the Steward to make sure that the involved deputies were all set. Rick Laughton represents the Rockingham County Deputies and Dispatchers. Be safe out there!



Extreme Caution is Required when Testing or Handling Unknown Substances

Law Enforcement officers are encouraged to use extreme caution when handling any unknown substances in the field, jail or prison. The story below highlights the dangers all our LEOs are exposed to everyday while executing their duties and responsibilities to protect and serve, and provide care and custody for those detained or incarcerated. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment on hand to safely handle these dangerous and deadly substances. If the appropriate equipment is not currently available, please contact your Business Agent and steward for immediate action.

New Hampshire Police

Police officers are those unique individuals who run toward danger when the rest of the population are running from the danger. Every day the men and women who don the uniform do so with the knowledge that they have to be ready for whatever may come their way. The Teamsters Local 633 proudly represent the numerous agencies throughout New Hampshire and appreciate their service to domestic peace. Police officers control traffic, mediate family or domestic disputes, and render life-saving first aid and patrol the roadways for individuals who would do us harm. They risk their lives on a daily basis and ask nothing more than a decent wage and benefits to protect their families. Local 633 is one of the few Unions who has submitted legislation regarding the “Laurie Issue” and has testified before the legislature concerning the lack of consistency of its application throughout the Granite State. We are honored to vigorously represent the men and women who protect us every day and ensure that the terms and conditions of their employment meet or exceed their expectations. To respond to use-of-force situations, Local 633 has a “Go Team” that includes the Business Agent and an attorney with 26 years of law enforcement experience as a state trooper.

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