UPS Wage Discrepancy Issues

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It has come to my attention that numerous employees have unwittingly gotten themselves into a situation where they owe the company money. This has resulted from members being mistakenly overpaid for the time worked. In some cases, this has amounted to thousands of dollars which can be a shock to any family’s budget.

Please check your paychecks on a regular basis to ensure that the amount paid is commensurate with the time worked. It is unacceptable for the employer to shortchange you or overpay you for your hard work.

Your Teamsters National Negotiating Committee headed by Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa along with Co-Chair General Secretary/Treasurer Ken Hall have successfully negotiated safeguards to protect UPS members. Specifically, Article 17, states:

When an employee notifies the Employer in writing of any ongoing over-payment, the employee’s increasing liability will cease five (5)working days after the date of the written notification. The notification shall be provided to the employee’s immediate supervisor or manager.

Attached you will find a form to accomplish this requirement. This form should be immediately completed and delivered to your manager when any over-payment is discovered by you. A copy should be retained by you for your records and a second copy should be forwarded to my attention. If you have any questions regarding this matter do not hesitate to notify your Steward and contact me at or fax it to the Union Hall at (603) 625-6767.




Kevin P. Foley

Business Agent


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