Cheshire County Corrections Officers held a vote on June, 22, 2016, to determine whether or not they would vote the Teamsters Local 633 as their exclusive representative. The vote was scheduled by the NH Public Employees Labor Relations Board. Joint Council 10 Organizer Roger Travers organized the group under the direction of Secretary Treasurer David W. Laughton. The Cheshire County Corrections Officers voted overwhelmingly to join the Teamsters. Principal Officer Laughton was extremely pleased to welcome this professional group of law enforcement officers to the Teamster family. Laughton stated, “These men and women chose a difficult vocation and deserve the respect and support of the County which we will ensure through collective bargaining.”

Organizer Roger Travers spent many days outside the corrections facility speaking with and addressing the needs and concerns of the proposed bargaining unit members. The proposed group was subjected to a “Mandatory Collective Bargaining Informational Meeting” where the County’s legal counsel discussed the pitfalls of joining a Union. At the direction of David Laughton, the Teamsters held a voluntary informational meeting at a local hotel conference room to discuss any concerns the proposed members may have had after listening to a one-sided presentation. The meeting was hosted by Organizer Roger Travers, Business Agent Jeffrey Padellaro and Attorney William Cahill. A dozen or so correctional officers stopped in during the day to discuss issues they may have had.

Dave Laughton stated, “Local 633 is uniquely positioned to represent law enforcement officers with our staff consisting of Business Agents who have been representing police departments and correctional officers for decades along with legal counsel who has worked as a state correctional officer and police officer. We look forward to representing our brothers and sisters working at the Cheshire County Correctional facility.”

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