UPS Overview by Kevin P. Foley, Business Agent

We have over 1,000 Teamsters working at UPS & UPS Freight, UPS CSI in New Hampshire at 8 different company locations. Our Teamsters are UPS Package Car drivers, Feeder Drivers, Part Time Preloaders & Unloaders, Part Time Local Sorters, Clerks, and Gateway Airport employees. The Teamsters employed at UPS are responsible for moving packages swiftly  through an intricate  distribution system throughout the U.S. and the world daily.  As a result of the Teamsters hard work in delivering these packages, UPS had over $4 Billion in yearly profits, making UPS one of the most profitable companies in the United States.

Our Teamster Bothers and Sisters do an outstanding job every day executing their duties and responsibilities at UPS making the company very successful at what they do. We are proud of each and every one of our Brothers and Sisters.


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