Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This time of year most of us are focused on a new school year for our children, fulfilling our obligations to work, and spending time with our families. Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters in Texas and Florida are focused on just subsistence. In Texas, hundreds of thousands of homes have been damaged or lost by a natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey. In Florida, as we await Irma to run her course, thousands will be subjected to killer storm surges and winds. Lifetimes of memories recorded in pictures and keepsakes may be lost forever. The Families’ goals and projects that were being worked on in August have been quashed or put on hold for a long time. This is a tragedy of epic proportions which will have a profound and devastating impact on many families and communities.

Please take a moment or two in your busy life to keep these citizens in your thoughts and prayers. If you have the means, and the desire, please donate to the disaster relief organization of your choice.  The devastating impact of these storms will be felt by these families long after the storms have dissipated. 


Jeffrey Padellaro

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