Teamsters Local 633 UPS Grievance / Department of Labor Complaint Results in Award of $124,777.33, for Members!

Business Agent Kevin Foley represents 1,250 UPS members at nine different company locations in New Hampshire. A grievance arose out of the company’s decision to unilaterally deduct monies from the drivers’ paychecks for Saturday work, without the express written authorization of the members, in violation of the Contract and State Law. This resulted in an unlawful loss of monies for our UPS drivers.

“We filed a grievance and gave the company every opportunity to fix the problem.  We were met with arrogance and resistance by the company as we did everything within our power to secure payment. We contacted the Department of Labor and filed a complaint to secure any and all pay shorts owed to our members. The conclusion of the DOL audit/investigation into this matter found that the company had illegally shortchanged our folks approximately $125, 000, in compensation by their computations regarding break/lunch periods.  This decision of the DOL resulted in almost every employee at UPS in NH, Part-time and Full-time, receiving a check for back wages owed, along with a cover letter from the company that we obviously disagree with based on the facts. Look, it’s our members’ money, they work extremely hard for this company day in and day out and we will fight anyone for every penny earned and owed to our members,” said Business Agent Kevin Foley.

“The Teamsters will continue to protect our members’ rights, wages, benefits, terms and conditions of their employment as bargained for by our legally binding contract with UPS, as well as ensure the company complies with the applicable State Laws. We will do whatever it takes to make sure they are paid correctly. That’s exactly what occurred in this case,” said Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Padellaro.

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