Secretary-Treasurer Jeffrey Padellaro visits Concord Prison for Men

On December 14, 2017, Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Padellaro visited the Concord Prison for Men along with Field Representative Keith Judge and Attorney Bill Cahill. Jeff stated he likes to visit the facility every 4 to 6 weeks to hear from the men and women who keep the facility under control 24/7 while working mandatory overtime 3 to 4 times a week. Updates were given regarding the Contract Negotiation process which is currently in fact finding status. (Updates will be posted.)

Last week, there was an incident in the Hancock Unit that resulted in a member being assaulted by an inmate. The situation was compounded by other inmates not following the lawful directives of the officers in a timely manner. This serious incident was prevented from becoming a more explosive incident by the fast, decisive and professional response of our members.  These types of incidents become even more critical because of the limited staff available to respond to these flare-ups. This incident will be added to the arguments made in fact finding to support our demand for higher wages commensurate with the professional services rendered on a daily basis.

A member inquired whether the Union was doing anything, referring to the expiration of the current CBA. Jeff Padellaro emphatically stated, “Yes.”  Upon the expiration of the current contract, the “Status Quo” doctrine applies. This means that terms and conditions of employment must be maintained while the parties continue to bargain in “good faith.” In fact, legal counsel for the Teamsters is at the Concord facility almost weekly to represent members that are called into the Warden’s office on various disciplinary issues. In addition, Bill Cahill represents members at the Police Standards and Training Council for certification issues. Investigations also require Teamsters’ legal counsel to travel to Goffstown,  NCF and Headquarters for similar issues that arise. On a weekly basis, Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro and Field Representative receive and respond to emails and texts from our stewards and members who reach out with questions and/or concerns. In addition, it is the enforcement of our Teamster Contract that allows our members to use sick time without negatively affecting overtime that has been worked.

Preparation for our presentation to the Fact-Finder continues. Please thank your Negotiation Team Members for their efforts during the negotiations, mediation, and now, through the fact- finding process. Frank Logan, George Bigl, Erik Turner and Annie Wrenn have all devoted countless hours to the process.

On behalf of all your brothers and sisters throughout the state, have a Happy Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!

Be Safe.

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