NH DOC Fact Finder’s Report

This is the report of the fact finder and the basis for his findings and recommendations. As you review this report please note that this report is NOT binding on either party. The report must remain confidential by law unless released by mutual agreement which is the case here. The final Memorandum of Agreement has not been completed, however, the agreement includes moving our members from the X208 Wage Schedule to the X416 Wage Schedule (Law Enforcement Employees). This is a wage increase of 9.1%. The Bonus Time has been replaced by an additional floating holiday which will benefit 68% of our members who receive no bonus days under the present system. The state did not agree to retro pay to any union.

This has been a long and grueling process. Jeff Padellaro stated, “It was a group effort that included selfless and dedicated members of the Department of Correction who not only worked the long hours at their respective assignments but took additional time away from their families to represent their brother and sister officers at the table. Our concerted efforts to push this matter to fact-finding was instrumental in getting this substantial wage increase on the table.”  The Negotiating Team included officers  Frank Logan, Annie Wrenn, Erik Turner, George Bigl and Tom Macholl along with Attorney Bill Cahill and Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro as the Chair.

Once we receive the final Memorandum of Agreement, the information will be forwarded to the membership for their vote.  



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