New Hampshire Corrections

The New Collective Bargaining Agreement has been ratified by the membership and the legislature in Concord. The printed version of the CBA will be delivered to the membership. The Teamsters’ Bargaining Committee, chaired by Business Agent Jeff Padellaro, was able to negotiate a contract with raises and to avoid the implementation of the terms concerning the use of unscheduled sick time and the negative effect on overtime. The CBA also increases the Life Insurance Benefit along with increases in the Dental Benefits.  The CBA requires the state to utilize one sick bank, as requested by the majority of the respondents, along with maintaining the Short Term Disability Benefit. The state has finally recognized the outstanding performance of the men and women of the Department under extreme conditions. A job well done by the Teamsters’ Bargaining Committee which included CO Glenn Bergeron (NCF), CO Frank Logan (Concord), CO Steve Sullivan (North House) and Annie Wrenn (Goffstown).


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