Teamsters Local 633 UPS Grievance / Department of Labor Complaint Results in Award of $124,777.33, for Members!

Business Agent Kevin Foley represents 1,250 UPS members at nine different company locations in New Hampshire. A grievance arose out of the company’s decision to unilaterally deduct monies from the drivers’ paychecks for Saturday work, without the express written authorization of the members, in violation of the Contract and State Law. This resulted in an unlawful loss of monies for our UPS drivers.

“We filed a grievance and gave the company every opportunity to fix the problem.  We were met with arrogance and resistance by the company as we did everything within our power to secure payment. We contacted the Department of Labor and filed a complaint to secure any and all pay shorts owed to our members. The conclusion of the DOL audit/investigation into this matter found that the company had illegally shortchanged our folks approximately $125, 000, in compensation by their computations regarding break/lunch periods.  This decision of the DOL resulted in almost every employee at UPS in NH, Part-time and Full-time, receiving a check for back wages owed, along with a cover letter from the company that we obviously disagree with based on the facts. Look, it’s our members’ money, they work extremely hard for this company day in and day out and we will fight anyone for every penny earned and owed to our members,” said Business Agent Kevin Foley.

“The Teamsters will continue to protect our members’ rights, wages, benefits, terms and conditions of their employment as bargained for by our legally binding contract with UPS, as well as ensure the company complies with the applicable State Laws. We will do whatever it takes to make sure they are paid correctly. That’s exactly what occurred in this case,” said Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Padellaro.


  Dan Chambers of UPS Nashua was recognized by UPS for 25 Years of Safe Driving. This honor is bestowed upon those drivers who have reached at least 25 years of commercial operation without incurring an avoidable accident. Business Agent Kevin Foley congratulated Dan on this milestone and wishes him continued success in his career as a professional Teamster driver for UPS. Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro also extended his congratulations to Dan and his family on this achievement.   

Teamsters Local 633 Wins Another Arbitration Case

UPS Denied Member’s Right to Return to Work


This case involves a regular full-time 22.3 Teamster who, unfortunately, was hurt on the job last year while working out of the company’s Nashua, NH facility.  He recovered to the point that his own doctor cleared him to return to work in January of 2017 but that wasn’t good enough for UPS. They delayed his return by 21 days and, in the process, he was denied compensation he would have earned if UPS simply followed Article 20 of the contract. Teamster Business Agent Kevin Foley stepped in and helped.

When recently discussing this issue, Foley stated:

 “For years, when UPS violated Article 20 in terms of the 3rd doctor procedure thereby delaying our member’s right to return to work after an injury, whether work- related or not, they would do the right thing and pay the grievances. Recently, with the new UPS, they adopted the delay, then deny, payment approach. Local 25 just arbitrated a similar case and won which was a huge victory for all our UPS members in the U.S. In this case, like the Local 25 case, there was no affirmative contractual defense for the company. The negotiated language is clear and must be followed. Historically, the reason the Union proposed this language and demanded UPS agree to it at the table years ago was because they were doing things like this to our injured UPS members.  In this case I filed a grievance for our member and I got him paid the difference between what he received while on workers’ compensation and what he would have earned had UPS not violated the contract for those 21 days, plus his Health and Welfare and Pension contributions.

Let me be clear, once our UPS members are cleared by their doctor, the contract is clear: UPS has three (3) days to get him/her to the company doctor or we go to a 3rd doctor to settle the matter within ten (10) days.  The company in this case simply ignored the Union’s request for the 3rd Doctor, causing a violation and triggering the Union’s grievance. If the 3rd doctor agrees with our member’s own doctor, UPS must back pay to the date our member was cleared by his doctor.  If, alternatively, the 3rd doctor agrees with the company doctor, there would be no liability on the company’s end. It’s important that if you should get hurt on-the-job, you report it right away and seek medical treatment through the doctor of your choice. If there are any problems at all you should be calling me directly at my office 603-625-9731 Ext 18 for assistance.”

UPS Overview by Kevin P. Foley, Business Agent

We have over 1,000 Teamsters working at UPS & UPS Freight, UPS CSI in New Hampshire at 8 different company locations. Our Teamsters are UPS Package Car drivers, Feeder Drivers, Part Time Preloaders & Unloaders, Part Time Local Sorters, Clerks, and Gateway Airport employees. The Teamsters employed at UPS are responsible for moving packages swiftly  through an intricate  distribution system throughout the U.S. and the world daily.  As a result of the Teamsters hard work in delivering these packages, UPS had over $4 Billion in yearly profits, making UPS one of the most profitable companies in the United States.

Our Teamster Bothers and Sisters do an outstanding job every day executing their duties and responsibilities at UPS making the company very successful at what they do. We are proud of each and every one of our Brothers and Sisters.