NH DOC Fact Finder’s Report

This is the report of the fact finder and the basis for his findings and recommendations. As you review this report please note that this report is NOT binding on either party. The report must remain confidential by law unless released by mutual agreement which is the case here. The final Memorandum of Agreement has not been completed, however, the agreement includes moving our members from the X208 Wage Schedule to the X416 Wage Schedule (Law Enforcement Employees). This is a wage increase of 9.1%. The Bonus Time has been replaced by an additional floating holiday which will benefit 68% of our members who receive no bonus days under the present system. The state did not agree to retro pay to any union.

This has been a long and grueling process. Jeff Padellaro stated, “It was a group effort that included selfless and dedicated members of the Department of Correction who not only worked the long hours at their respective assignments but took additional time away from their families to represent their brother and sister officers at the table. Our concerted efforts to push this matter to fact-finding was instrumental in getting this substantial wage increase on the table.”  The Negotiating Team included officers  Frank Logan, Annie Wrenn, Erik Turner, George Bigl and Tom Macholl along with Attorney Bill Cahill and Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro as the Chair.

Once we receive the final Memorandum of Agreement, the information will be forwarded to the membership for their vote.  



Hopkinton School District Grievance Results in $2100 Award

Field Representative Keith Judge represents the Hopkinton School District Custodians. A grievance arose out of the hiring of a custodian who had previously worked as a casual/substitute custodian for several years. Upon hiring the part-time custodian to a full- time regular position, the Superintendent placed the member in the wage scale for Employees Hired after the Ratification of the present Agreement per Article 16.2, as opposed to the wage scale for Current Employees under Article 6.1. This placement resulted in a significant hourly wage difference with a loss of approximately $3.00 an hour. Field Representative Keith Judge correctly and competently grieved this issue via the CBA and the Superintendent continued to interpret the CBA in a manner that prejudiced our member. The grievance finally made it to the last step of the grievance procedure which is before the School Committee. 

The Superintendent presented his case to the Board and, although extremely complimentary to our member’s work product, he adhered to his proposition that the former casual/substitute custodian was a “New Hire” under the CBA and was properly placed in the wage matrix.  Field Representative Keith Judge and Attorney Bill Cahill presented our member’s case to the Board. The Board listened intently and asked probative questions. The parties made their closing statements and awaited the written decision of the Board.

Two weeks later, the Board’s written decision was issued. The Board held that our member was, in fact, an employee prior to the ratification of the new CBA and should be placed on the Wage Scale for Current Employees resulting in an award of a little over $2,100.00. Great work by Keith Judge with the support of Steward Joe Case. 


Field Representative Keith Judge reports that the Keene State College Campus Safety personnel overwhelmingly voted to ratify the new three-year collective bargaining agreement. This is their second contract they have ratified since joining the Teamster family. Our members provide security for the 5,000 undergraduates attending Keene State College. Since becoming Teamsters, this group has enjoyed the benefits of bidding shifts by seniority, establishing a grievance procedure with due process, and wage increases. The negotiating team successfully negotiated a new Health Care Plan, wage increases, and strengthened protections against sub-contracting in the new collective bargaining agreement 

Keith stated that the committee did an outstanding job throughout the process. Union Stewards Toni Taylor and Jessica Trombley lead the Committee along with Officers Michael Gomez and Shamari Kelly. 

CSO Contract Signing Ceremony at the NH Supreme Court

L to R: Chris Keating, Director AOC; Pat Ryan, Regional Director AOC; Steve Reynolds, CSO  and Steward; Richard Laughton, Business Agent; the Honorable Linda Stewart Dalianis, Chief Justice NH Supreme Court; Lance Walton, Supervisor CSO and Steward; Jason Jordanhazy, Security Manager AOC; and Kim France, HR Director AOC.

State Court Security Officers attended a formal Contract signing with Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis on June 15, 2017.  Business Agent Rick Laughton and the Court Security Officers negotiated a two- year agreement which included wage adjustments and pay raises for the next two years. The contract with the Administrative Office of the Courts also includes additional 4- and 5- day positions with state health care benefits. Equipment concerns raised by the membership, and negotiated by the Teamsters, resulted in an agreement for the AOC to upgrade flashlights, provide puncture- proof gloves, and issue uniform blazers to new hires. These 150 men and women provide security in the Courts throughout NH for the benefit not only of the public that utilizes the Courts but also the Staff that work within the Courts. 

New Hampshire Public Sector

Teamsters Local 633 is proud to represent the men and women who serve the public every day. Our members are remarkable citizens who maintain the roadways, oversee water treatment facilities, answer 911 calls, provide essential services for our police departments, or work in our schools as custodians, directors, coordinators, principals and assistant principals. These men and women are responsible for the quiet, professional delivery of services that are essential to the successful operation of the governmental services we all rely on. Without their dedication and professionalism, our lives would be profoundly different.