Joyce Craig’s Historic Victory in Manchester Mayoral Race

Mayoral Candidate Joyce Craig was introduced to the membership Sunday, November 5, 2017, prior to the monthly membership meeting being called to order. The Teamsters represent several bargaining units employed by the City and the School District. Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro stated that he was impressed with Ms. Craig’s positive and enthusiastic outlook for the City of Manchester. Jeff Padellaro stated, “It is time for the executive of this fine city to address the issues that resulted in other communities pulling out of the Manchester School District. Mayor-elect Craig is uniquely qualified to address that issue and to take action in support of the schools to entice the surrounding communities to come back to the Manchester School District.” Padellaro continued, “It will be a pleasant change to have a mayor that appreciates not only the taxpayers, but also the men and women who work for the City to make it all work, many of whom are also taxpayers and residents.”

Candidate Craig was well- received by the Teamster members in attendance at the monthly meeting. 

Congratulations, Mayor-elect Craig!



  Dan Chambers of UPS Nashua was recognized by UPS for 25 Years of Safe Driving. This honor is bestowed upon those drivers who have reached at least 25 years of commercial operation without incurring an avoidable accident. Business Agent Kevin Foley congratulated Dan on this milestone and wishes him continued success in his career as a professional Teamster driver for UPS. Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro also extended his congratulations to Dan and his family on this achievement.   



Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This time of year most of us are focused on a new school year for our children, fulfilling our obligations to work, and spending time with our families. Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters in Texas and Florida are focused on just subsistence. In Texas, hundreds of thousands of homes have been damaged or lost by a natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey. In Florida, as we await Irma to run her course, thousands will be subjected to killer storm surges and winds. Lifetimes of memories recorded in pictures and keepsakes may be lost forever. The Families’ goals and projects that were being worked on in August have been quashed or put on hold for a long time. This is a tragedy of epic proportions which will have a profound and devastating impact on many families and communities.

Please take a moment or two in your busy life to keep these citizens in your thoughts and prayers. If you have the means, and the desire, please donate to the disaster relief organization of your choice.  The devastating impact of these storms will be felt by these families long after the storms have dissipated. 


Jeffrey Padellaro

Teamsters Attend Labor Day Breakfast 2017

“Local 633 had a strong showing at the Annual 2017 Labor Day Breakfast held at the Saint George Orthodox Cathedral in Manchester,” according to Jeff Padellaro. Senator Maggie Hassan, pictured above, greeted old friends at the Breakfast. Pictured with Senator Hassan are Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro; Business Agent Rick Laughton; Business Agent Kevin Foley; Field Representatives Keith Judge and Roger Travers; and Trustees Scott Gove and James Petrillo. 

The Breakfast was attended by labor leaders along with politicians representing local and state government. Jeff Padellaro commented that without union representation the working class can not keep pace with the rising cost of living. Without representation, we would have working men and women of this country facing the accountants and lawyers representing corporate interests, with the worker standing alone, without the protection of the Union to act as a shield against arbitrary and capricious actions of the corporation.

Camp Allen 2017 – A Special Day for All

Every year, for the last 45 years, Teamsters Local 633 sponsors a special day for Camp Allen attendees. Camp Allen hosts individuals of all ages with developmental and physical challenges.  Principal Officer Jeff Padellaro stated that this year’s event was once again a great success. Jeff credited the many active and retired Teamsters who volunteered their time to make this event a success. Other partners that contributed to the success of this event include First Student who provided transportation for the attendees; and Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Bimbo Bakeries who provided beverages, snakes and desserts. Associated Grocers provided transportation of all the food and supplies along with the campers’ equipment in addition to their very generous donation. 

Jeff stated that it was rewarding to see the many campers enjoying the event with laughter and smiles. He also noted that many of the volunteers also looked very happy as they observed their impact on their guests for the day. 

Principal Officer Jeffrey Padellaro expressed his sincere thanks for the many Teamsters Local 633 who volunteer their time each year to make this event a success. 


Teamsters Local 633 Summer Lake Tour

Left to right:   Jason Proulx, Dennis Rinki, Don Stengle, Wayne Blais, Joe Rienert, Pete Pitman, Local 633 Business Agent Rick Laughton, Karen Delph, Armand Proulx, John Gagnon (Not shown is photographer Kelly Proulx.)

On Saturday, July 29th, Teamsters Local 633 Business Agent Rick Laughton joined a group of members, retirees, and guests on a day- long ride through the Lakes Region. The ride started at the Union Hall in Manchester, NH and the group completed a 200 mile loop through the Lakes Region. Some of the lakes visited were Winnipesaukee, Wentworth, Lovell, Squam and Province. It was a perfect day for the ride with clear skies and dry roads. The lakes were in sight most of the day starting in Alton into Wolfeboro, then heading east through Wakefield to the Maine state border before looping north to Ossipee. The group enjoyed lunch together at the Yankee Smokehouse. The ride then continued from Moultonborough to Laconia and Belmont before heading back to Manchester. A great time was had by all and plans may be in the works for another ride in the early fall.   If interested in joining a fall ride, please reach out for Rick Laughton.